Located in the northern Huetar region of Costa Rica we have an area of more than 2,500 hectares of suitable land apt for extensive agriculture. On those lands, our teams cultivate different products that we process and export to the international markets.

Our farms have been certified under the international standards of good practices of Global GAP for the last 4 years straight. We have a commitment to these certifications because we feel that our clients should be aware of our social and environmental concerns and our vows to honor them. Moreover, we believe that these practices differentiate us from the rest by giving our products added value through our traceability and this gives us a competitive edge in the face of the demanding and ever-changing market trends.

We have implemented digital mapping to all our plantations, which allows us to carry out the applications in an automated and organized fashion through cutting edge technology, this allows us to manage and maintain a constant production and harvest throughout the year.